Sun-Drenched Soapery

The Sun-Drenched soaps are crafted from vegetable-based glycerin with coconut oil, colored with body-safe micas, and scented with fragrance oils. Every soap is handmade to order with high-quality ingredients and care. Prices are set to include shipping. Thank you for visiting, Happy Halloween!

Basic Witches set: Voices in the Library, Pumpkin Spice Planchette

Voices in the Library šŸ‘»

Musty pages and crumbling leather; a local author pipe-smoking as he types his newest horror novel at a cedar table; a group of spooky friends sit in a circle around a board, hidden behind piles of books. This spirit board is colored with activated charcoal and scented with Library. With base notes of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amyris, and Dark Musk, this scent isn’t for the light-hearted, but those who seek entities beyond the veil. Cedar and Leather ground while Teakwood sends spirits soaring through the trees. Try this soap if you dare.

8.00 $


Pumpkin Spice Planchette ā˜•

Steaming hot coffee sweetened with the scent of Autumn sits to the side as shaky fingers reach for the ancient planchette. Electricity sparks through the friends as they glance through wide eyes at each other and one finally speaks, “Are there any spirits who would like to speak with us?” Pumpkin Spice Planchette is colored with copper mica and scented with the warm, comforting scent of Pumpkin Spice. Get this soap if you’ve got what it takes to summon the dead, but love a good knee sock and school skirt.

8.00 $


Basic Witches Set

This set contains everything you need to make contact with the voices beyond the veil: Spirit Board and Planchette. Light the candles and let the ceremony begin!

15.00 $

Halloween Soaps L to R: Bone Apple Tea, RIP, Edward Cullen

The Halloween Soaps

RIP šŸ’€

RIP contains the bones of long-forgotten souls. Its crystal encapsulation has been scented with the clean, zesty fragrance Midnight Waters to mask the scent of death. Available for a limited time, catch this coffin before it returns to the grave.

7.00 $

Edward Cullen āœØ

The essence of everyone’s favorite sparkly vampire has escaped the silver screen to reside in this handheld coffin. Edward Cullen is scented with Backwoods Hike, capturing the fresh, piney mountain air of Forks, Washington. Colored with a scintillating mix of activated charcoal and rainbow Eco Glitter, this soap is the perfect sparkly bathroom accessory for the season.

7.00 $

Bone Apple Tea

The tales speak of a secret witch’s brew made of bone, sweetened with Apple Sage, that could bring back the dead. This bone-colored coffin provides the broth you need to make your own attempt at necromancy. Be quick for the spell expires at the stroke of midnight on All Hallows’ Eve.

7.00 $

Halloween Trio šŸŽƒ

This trio contains RIP, Edward Cullen, and Bone Apple Tea to quench the thirst of soiled souls.

18.00 $

Golden Leaves Trio

Golden Leaves Trio

The Golden Leaves Trio is scented with a warm, spiced mix of Hickory and Suede and Backwoods Hike for a cozy, outdoor autumn scent reminiscent of crunching leaves around a campfire. Its pumpkin color makes this the perfect sink-side accessory to a chilly fall evening.

18.00 $