Book Review: Happy Go Lucky

The cover’s a lil creepy

Happy-Go-Lucky by David Sedaris

If you’re already a fan of David Sedaris then you know the drill with his books. He writes short story-type anecdotes that are any mix of hilarious, serious, allegorical, questionable, ridiculous, self-righteous, or tear-jerking. Happy Go Lucky is no different but now we get David’s take on the pandemic, his elderly father, political upheavals, and personal enlightenments as he goes through serious changes in his life.


I found that this book hit different than other Sedaris reads. At least one story missed its mark and just didn’t do it for me. It ended up much sadder and darker than his usual work, which felt necessary given the situation that led to his introspection but changed the feeling we’re usually left with after finishing one of his books. I kind of get the sad/creepy clown on the cover now (though I’d still love to know the context of this photo).

If this is going to be your first David Sedaris work, then I highly recommend picking up a different one. Happy-Go-Lucky should come after growing with David through his other works. Overall, as a long-time reader I appreciated the honesty throughout and generally enjoyed the ride.

Thank you to the publisher Little, Brown, and Company for providing an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

Check out Happy-Go-Lucky on!


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