Graphic Novel Review: Alice in Kyoto Forest, Vol. 1

πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡/5 white rabbits


After being orphaned at a young age, Alice lives with her aunt and abusive uncle. At 15 she finds her ticket to freedom: heading back to her hometown of Kyoto to train as a maiko and eventually becoming a geisha. Kyoto is nothing like she remembers and it soon begins to feel like she’s in a completely different world.


An interesting take on the classic Alice in Wonderland, this wasn’t quite what I expected. I understand that the character was supposed to be confused so that created some confusion for the reader as well but it was kinda clunky and I felt like that could’ve been done better.

Her two companion creatures, the rabbit and frog, were cute until one of them starts making perverted remarks which was just unsettling. Other than that, the circumstances of the mysterious boy from another time was absolutely captivating and really snagged me to wanna read the next issue.

Thank you to TokyoPop for providing a copy for review.

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