Album on Repeat: OK Human

Ok Human (Weezerpedia)

Weezer’s newest album hits different than any previous Weezer album has. It is a quarantine album through and through with a stripped back, personal air many of us can currently relate to.

OK Human opens with All My Favorite Songs and it is such a jam it had me dancing and singing along in my car the very first time I heard it. The string section adds epic drama to what feels like such mundane, silly lyrics. True to both Weezer and quarantine form, it expresses what we feel collectively everyday: catching ourselves in blue moods, getting annoyed by our family, and finding pleasure in things like junk food and take out.

All my favorite songs are slow and sad, All my favorite people make me mad, Everything that feels so good is bad bad bad, All my favorite songs are slow and sad, I don’t know what’s wrong with me

All my favorite songs, ok human

The album overall has a very upbeat, campy vibe that makes you smile. The second track Aloo Gobi has great piano moments that I can’t help but be reminded of a happy musical where the flowers are blooming on trees and you skip to the beat. It has an awesome vocal/cello breakdown that make this track feel like a true production.

My favorite track on the album has got to be Grapes of Wrath. Aside from the fact that I’m a massive book fan, I also love a good song in minor and the fact that Rivers made this song so damn deep and cool at the same time is perfection. He name drops Moby Dick, Grapes of Wrath, 1984, Catch-22, and Lord of the Rings. Wanting to get back to the classics is a hard relate, especially for those of us who prefer a good book to binge watching. But the chorus is what sets this song over the top. It is crazy catchy, even the way he says “Audible” is so smooth you can’t help but sing along. Legit I don’t even listen to audio books but this song is my new anthem.

I’m gonna rock my Audible, Headphone Grapes of Wrath. Drift off to oblivion, you think I care, I just don’t care.

Grapes of wrath, ok human

Needless to say, my February was packed full of OK Human and if you haven’t given this one a listen, I highly recommend it.

Listen to Weezer’s OK Human on Spotify here.

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