Book Review: Jessicaca

Jessicaca by Suzy Blackledge


My funny bone was a-tickling so I started browsing the Humor section in hopes of finding something I could laugh so hard my eyes cried and my sides ached. The title “Jessicaca” called to me for obvious reasons and after reading the synopsis I thought, “This sounds like a good one…” Well, I was dead wrong. And I have some real regrets.


Jess isn’t having a great time lately. She has the most boring job in her company, her boss tries to place blame on her every chance he gets, and she’s just had to sack one of her best friends. As for the men in her life, they all seem to be morons, cavemen or serial womanisers. Then she meets Steven. Mature, handsome and ever so enticing, Jess starts to think he might be the solution to a lot of her problems. The only issue is he’s younger. MUCH younger. 

“Jessicaca” is the debut novel from Susanna ‘Suzy’ Blackledge. A romantic comedy-drama all about love, friendship, office politics, work/life balance, drinking on a weekday, everyday sexism and furries; available exclusively on Amazon. 


My first peeve about this book is that there was no humor in it. There are scenes where you can feel it’s trying so hard to be funny but it isn’t genuine which leads to some major cringe. The whole book I was cringing in my seat because Caca is entirely clueless, and not in any cute, silly way. Her friend calls her “Caca,” which she believes is a term of endearment, and apparently neither one of them knows that it literally means poop.

That was cringefest #1. I figured this must just be a plot point then, and it will be funny when the truth is revealed later. Well there wasn’t anything funny about it. The characters themselves are laughing and having a great time but the way it’s written it’s impossible for us as the audience to be amused in any way. We’re just left watching and cringing, waiting for it to be over. I swear, I NEVER EVEN SMILED ONCE reading this book.

My second point is that the character Jess is written as if she’s an octogenarian. I couldn’t figure out her age at first because her friend/coworker Soo (who gave her the unsightly nickname) is in her early 20s and she’s “so much younger” than old, ancient Jess. Jess literally calls Soo “So Young” (insert cringe here). Jess goes on and on about how old she is and the pressure she feels to be married and settled down by now. Like chill, Caca. If you wanna go out and get drunk on a Thursday then live your damn life.

Aside from not knowing that her name means a steaming pile of crap, Caca has also never heard of a furry before. Neither has Soo. This is supposed to be another hilarious joke, and goodness, the characters roll around and split their seams in laughter. But again, just because the characters are laughing doesn’t mean the audience is. I mean, was Caca raised in a glass bubble? I remember seeing True Life: I’m a Furry on MTV in the fifth grade and you can’t possibly have been on the internet in the last twenty years without having encountered a few. It wasn’t funny, it was again a very cringe moment.

The one saving grace of this book was a very steamy sex scene, described in so much detail it made me wonder why the author wouldn’t use that sort of talent on the rest of the plot? When the synopsis states that Jess has the most boring job in the world, IT’S TRUE. Every part of the book about her job was just a snooze fest in between scenes when she saw her young boyfriend. Basically every man in this book that wasn’t the love interest Steven or the father of twins that Caca grinded on one time was a complete ape. Do men really whoop and holler when they see a picture of a hot girl? Seriously cringe, who are these people?!

That sex scene almost brought the book up to two stars but no, the rest of the book just didn’t let it. There’s not much to say about Jessicaca except that it is truly a steaming pile of Caca.

Thank you Netgalley for providing a copy of this book for review.

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