Book Review: The Last Resort

The Last Resort by Susi Holliday

⭐/5 stars

Forever in need of a thrilling page-turner, I found The Last Resort on Kindle Unlimited. The synopsis sounded like the plot of a good movie so I expected to be grasping the edge of my seat while my heart quickened in fear. I mean, I’ve read pretty good YA novels that did just that so I expected a lot more from this book. In fact, I couldn’t decide whether to give it 2 stars or just 1. But in the end, this book flat-out sucked. A total waste of time.


Seven strangers each receive mysterious invitations to a luxurious island getaway in exchange for testing advanced technological devices. When they arrive on the island they’re fitted with trackers that embed into their skin and delve into their memory, granting access to their deepest and darkest secrets. One by one their horrific secrets are revealed and they soon discover there is nothing luxurious about this trip, it’s a trap they’re caught in with no means of escape. The body count rises as the clock ticks down to the end-of-the-day party when the real reason they’ve been summoned to the island will be revealed.


The premise of a mysterious invitation arriving and the idea of a luxurious getaway reminded me of one of my favorite movies House on Haunted Hill. The cover looked totally spooky (very House on Haunted Hill-y) and it sounded like a few people might meet some gruesome ends, so I was like “Hell yes, I’m ready for some excitement!”

First of all every single character is boring, shallow, and uninteresting. There’s a papparazzi, a gossip columnist, an influencer couple who thinks they’re hot, a Boss old lady who pretends she’s young, an American guy, and Amelia–the philanthropist we’re supposed to empathize with. Amelia doesn’t fit into the idea of “luxury” that the others “portray.” Right off the bat, most of the others don’t like her for that reason but I didn’t like her because there was nothing endearing about her. For some reason, the way this book is written there is nothing about anyone that makes you care for them! The characters are basically just archetypes for an idea of a plot but there’s no real sentiment or care put into the crafting of them. They don’t feel like people which makes for a very one-note read.

Next: the technology. The “high tech” trackers in their heads tell them things like “just think of whatever you want and you will have it.” But the technology doesn’t even produce anything, it literally just works like a bluetooth headset which is not exactly groundbreaking. Someone wishes for something like “me time” and soon along the path they find a coffee station, or an audiobook starts playing in their ear. Wow, revolutionary. Then the “deep, dark” secrets are pulled from the person’s memory and displayed across the sky or whatever so they watch them in first-person POV from whoever it happened to. Amelia didn’t have a brain tracker like the other ones though, she just had a smart watch lol. She literally had to be like, “Guys, what’s happening? I can’t see anything!” 😂

Then: The “Adventure.” There was rough terrain on this island and they had to do a lot of hiking. People fall and get hurt, they find *human* bones on the trail, and one girl encounters a snake. These are the horrors that happen to them on their trip. Just let that sink in. When the girl meets the snake, there’s some pretty massive plot holes as to even how the snake gets on her and to how it’s removed. The author just grazes over it, one minute she sees the snake, the next it’s coiled around her body. Like, bro, what? Where’s the suspense? Someone grabs it off her and the way they do this was also confusing. How are you grabbing the snake? By the tail? By the head? By the middle of its body? That part really pissed me off. If something exciting is going to happen I want all of the damn details.

The Ending. Without spoiling anything (though, I don’t recommend you read this book at all), the ending of this book is very confusing. The real question is “why?” What was the whole point of the book? The reason for them all being called to this island doesn’t even make sense. None of them serve any real purpose to the outcome and their day jobs that seemed so relevant at the beginning don’t matter. The puppet master pulling all the strings is not scary, has the dumbest intentions, and is just a random person pulled out of thin air who has nothing to do with the whole book you just read.

This book was awful, horrible, boring, lame, dumb, I DO NOT recommend it to anyone unless you want to know how NOT to write a mystery/thriller.

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