ARC Review: The Lost Village

The Lost Village by Camila Sten

Alice is a filmmaker with familial ties to the deserted village of Silvertjaarn, situated far from civilization. Her grandmother’s family disappeared alongside the entire town that left only one woman stoned to death at a stake and a newborn infant. Alice feels a pull to find out what really happened to cause the townsfolk to disappear so she decides to create a documentary, dragging a small film crew to set up camp in the town center.

Things take a turn when their equipment begins to be destroyed, people go missing, and Alice can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching at all times.

Where was this book when I wanted to read something spooky? The Lost Village had chills going up my spine, gave me the creeps, and did a genuinely good job of creating mystery and savoring the slow burn. I appreciated that the story alternated between the past and present fleshing out exactly what’s going on so there was no confusion on my part as a reader.

The scenery and writing was very vivid, making this read easy to dive into. I found myself looking forward to picking it up and finding out what was gonna happen next. I wouldn’t say that the ending was predictable, it was more like a puzzle piece falling into place that you saw coming from yards away. Nevertheless, it suited the story and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Highly recommend if you enjoy suspense, cults, and ghost towns.


Thank you to the publisher St. Martin’s Press and Minotaur Books for providing me with an advanced galley of this book.

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