Book Review: The Haunting of Brynn Wilder

Kindle Unlimited members know that besides accessing tons of content, there’s a lil’ perk known as First Reads. First Reads allows you to read 1 or 2 books that will be released in the next month before they get released to the general Kindle domain. With it being October, I realized that I hadn’t yet squeezed in any spooky ghost reads so when I saw the cover for The Haunting of Brynn Wilder I thought, “Oh, this is it.”

Well my dears, it wasn’t quite it.


Brynn Wilder has been having a tough time in life after suffering a devastating loss. She heads to the quaint lakeside town of Wharton and stays in a charming boardinghouse to help her reset, hoping the time away from real life will give her the ability to put her life into perspective. The boardinghouse is full of kind characters who will be staying throughout the summer alongside her: LuAnn, the owner of the inn; Alice, a frail woman being cared for by family; and Dominic, an attractive yet mysterious man.

Brynn soon learns that Room 5 has been shut up and locked after a woman’s body was found there over the winter break. She begins to have spooky dreams involving that room and resident ghosts; Alice seems to know things that she shouldn’t; and she finds herself being drawn into Dominic even though mysterious deaths follow him wherever he goes. In equal parts mystery and love story this book is sure to puzzle at your brain.


This book began with all the creep factors I was looking for. It had a couple of hair-raising moments and was filled with genuine mystery but as the story went on the creepiness wore off and it began to feel more like a love story. I think the main thing I couldn’t get into was the actual love interest, Dominic. So he’s covered in tattoos which Brynn describes as being breath-takingly beautiful, but once she begins to describe what the actual subject matter is I definitely cringed. He has a bunch of different religious symbols all over the place, from all kind of religions, which if Forgetting Sarah Marshall taught me anything then it’s actually something straight out of a comedic bit and not all that interesting. So right away I was thinking, no there’s no way I would be into this guy. Then there are a few times when Brynn describes feeling uneasy when they’re speaking, or something he says will send shivers up her spine. That made me want to yell at her, “Those are red flags, run away! Focus on yourself!”

So the fact that the love story kept going deeper and deeper just turned me off to the whole book. When the ghost moments came up again, they weren’t creepy anymore, just a piece of the bigger puzzle of the plot which was disappointing for someone who wanted to feel genuine suspense. I also had high hopes that Brynn was going to actually work on herself and come out through the other side a strong, independent woman; not someone who needed a man to save her. I guess I missed the memo that it’s a paranormal love story, so if that’s your thing then this book is pretty beautiful–bad tattoos and all.


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