Book Review: Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me by Nina LaCour

When Mila took a job at the farm she was introduced to the crash of the waves, the tunnel of fragrant flowers, and the ever-present chilly fog. But no one told her about the ghosts….how their haunting is more than it seems. Mila has been through so much already and a haunted farm is the last thing she needs, isn’t it?

Watch Over Me is a hauntingly beautiful story about grief, trauma, love, and loss. I fell deep into the book and found the writing to be quiet, simple, yet powerful. The writing tone is calm and collected even though you feel like at any moment you’re about to come unraveled. It was very easy to meld into the story as I read, becoming one with the first-person narrator, Mila. The dialogue with secondary characters was natural and easy; the scenery vivid yet eerie; always a sense of mystery without ever feeling like a cheap ghost story. It was complex, deep, and raw–a perfect embodiment of the human experience.

This was my first read by Nina LaCour and it was a solid 5 ⭐’s. Publishing date: Sept 15

Thank you to Dutton Books and Penguin Random House for the beautiful ARC in exchange for my honest review.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Watch Over Me

    1. The cover is the reason I picked it! It’s all very beautiful, the writing as well as the cover. It’s a very quick read too, I highly recommend 🙂

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