Music Release: GOLD BAR DREAMS

Listen to GOLD BAR DREAMS on Soundcloud

I recently released my song Gold Bar Dreams. It was produced by my friend Martin tha Martian and mixed by Jimmy. My friend Emily made the beautiful cover art using a photo I took in my kids’ room, full of toys and a half-naked baby. I think it all came together really well!

When Martin and I sat down to produce the beat, I knew right off the bat I wanted galaxy vibes with pink and purple sounds and starry accents. So we ran through synths until I heard the one we went with, which I felt portrayed the galaxy theme pretty well. He set to work with his magic beat making and soon after I began to feel out the final draft in my car. Since I already knew the theme I wanted the first words that came to me were the hook, “Moon, Stars, Gold Bars.”

After that, it was a matter of writing out a narrative that dealt with night time and luxury and since my songs are usually about love that’s what I went with: a night dreaming of someone you love and waking up the next morning buzzing with good vibes. During the recording process, I kept asking for “more shimmer” and “more glitter” and I feel like that really came across in the final mix. It took me so long to release this song because I felt like it needed more voices here or there, more layers and like it just all around needed more effort from me. But in the end, I still love this song, so felt like it just needed to be out there once and for all.

Originally posted 27 May 2020

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