Book Review: The Silence

The Silence by Daisy Pearce

I picked up this book for one simple reason: My kindle was offering a free read. The promotion is going on all month and there’s a pretty good selection of books to choose from. But that’s beside the point, the point is: I read this entire book in one sitting. The suspense–for me–was there. None of the other books being offered really appealed to me but I always love a good suspense novel, and this one didn’t come off cheesy like others in the lineup. I could also appreciate how this book doesn’t outright label itself on the cover as “suspense” (like some other book, *cough* Careful What You Wish For *cough*); the writing just speaks for itself and that’s what really hooked me. For one, it’s all-encompassing because it’s told in first person present tense, so it’s easy to place yourself into the moment and mind of the narrator–like everything happening to her is also happening to you. For two, it had a good premise and there was a very strong “what’s going to happen next” feeling which kept me flipping pages.

The book begins with the main character taking a pill and it’s apparent she doesn’t feel safe in her environment. There are strong themes of mental illness, depression, abuse, and suicide which can be very triggering. As the story goes on it’s hard to differentiate one from the other and when those lines get blurred it’s difficult to see the way out. I kept turning pages not only because I wanted to know what happened, but also because I enjoyed the way it was written. The similes, the sentence structures, the character building–I really enjoyed all that. The writer also did a very good job of keeping up the suspense. There was a supernatural element that I felt contributed to the story and had a plausible place: it added to the tension and created a layer that made you question what was real and what wasn’t.

I read late at night in a quiet room and could hear every sound: the neighbors talking outside, the wind blowing on the window–there was even this creepy high-pitched whirring I thought was machinery outside but turned out to be my toddler’s battery-powered bear losing its circuits. This book was a strong 5 stars for me, throughout–that is until I reached the ending. It was kind of predictable, a little bit cheesy and confusing but I think the rest of the book made up for this. In the end, I clocked it at 4 stars making this is a suspense novel I highly recommend.

Originally posted 1 Mar 2020

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