TC Superstar

The TC Superstar show this past weekend was especially enchanting. But it wasn’t just their dedicated dancers, their upbeat ethereal vibe, or pink aesthetic that made this show so dynamic. It was when all these elements fused together to bring something that just doesn’t usually spark when I attend shows around Laredo. Yes, our town is definitely bringing some big time good vibes to our stages, and yes I am loving every show I can make it out to. But this one and me, really hit it off.

The Dancers

These two girls danced opposite the singer throughout the entire show performing intricate choreography to each song. Beyond the choreographic moves, there was an obvious passion you could see in their facial expressions and feel in their motion. I mostly watched the girl closest to me, on the right, and–playing devil’s advocate–made the comment to my friend, “I bet she studies dance and has been doing it all her life.” No joke, she confirmed after the show that both of them are dance majors and have danced their whole lives. The part when I just lost it, and fell in absolute love was when the singer broke out in perfect sync, matching the girls beside him.

The Vibes

TC Superstar have these real carefree summer vibes. While jamming to their Spotify, sometimes the synths transport me to Napoleon Dynamite–80s, nerdy, middle of nowhere, lost in my own head; and other times I feel like I’m at a sunny festival–dancing free, barefoot on the grass, DGAF, buy another drink and pass that to the right kinda mood. Mostly I love how the members vibe with each other, which you can hear when you listen to songs like Dana Be Mine, during the chorus when the synth, guitar, and singer all chime the main melody together.

The Venue

This show was held downtown at Electric Lounge, which is sized how most of the other downtown bars are–long and narrow. The place certainly wasn’t packed but the quality of folks there outweighed the quantity. Normally after a show like this happens, people come out and say “If I knew they were playing I would’ve gone.” So they could have definitely promoted better, but downtown’s still growing and we’ll get there eventually. The sound guy was real unfortunate, after band performed soundcheck and the singer gave his feedback, the guy didn’t change much of anything and there was a bit of feedback during the first couple of songs.

More, Please

My one gripe about this show was the set was altogether too short 😦 My friend and I headed to the bar to get a drink and while we stood there waiting, the band played our favorite song before ending the set. Super unfortunate but we can only hope they’ll be back, and we’ll be sure to make it out and support. I did snag a Ricky Please Ruin Me tee, here’s to hoping they bring along some pink vinyl next time 💕

Originally posted 20 Sep 2019

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